Young Workers Invited to “Like” our New Facebook Page


The success of the labor movement depends on union members who are skilled workers as well as informed activists. Therefore, we as labor leaders have a responsibility to provide our youngest members with the tools and knowledge needed to both perform on the job and effect meaningful policy reforms.

The New Jersey Young Workers” Facebook page is a valuable resource that will help young workers gain insights into state and national issues impacting our labor movement with a wealth of online tools they can use to take action. This page will highlight upcoming labor-sponsored events, where members can learn about labor history, network with their peers, and mobilize to promote our shared union values.

We recognize the incredible work you are already doing to offer comprehensive training to the next generation of union workers. Therefore, it is simply our goal to offer your local an additional resource to aid in your ongoing education and mobilization efforts.

Once again, we respectfully ask for your assistance by encouraging your young members to “like” the “New Jersey Young Workers” Facebook page so that all generations can join together in the fight for our collective future.

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