Wowkanech calls on Legislature to again shut the door on Civil Service Commission's patronage scheme

Trenton – Following today’s decision by the Civil Service Commission to implement its “job banding” rule following last year’s invalidation by the Legislature, New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech called on lawmakers to again vote to override the action.

Under banding, multiple categories of civil service jobs would be consolidated. That move would eliminate the requirement for service exams prior to promotions, opening the door to patronage and favoritism.
“The actions of the Civil Service Commission today are a disservice to the hard-working men and women who serve the residents of this state and who only ask for a fair shake when it comes to promotions and job protection,” said Wowkanech. “It opens the door to the type of cronyism that civil service was created to eliminate in the first place. I ask the Legislature to once again step in and invalidate this rule.”
In testimony before the Commission today, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO pointed to five instances over the past year where Commission members refused to answer questions regarding the banding proposal, including its failure to appear at three legislative hearings on the proposed rule.

“Throughout this process, the public has been cut out and fundamental questions have fallen on the Commission’s deaf ears,” said Wowkanech. “The Commission’s absolute lack of transparency throughout the past year is a slap in the face to public workers, the Legislature, and the residents of New Jersey.”

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