Working for the Win


The Hillside runoff election is 3 days away, and this morning more than 80 union volunteers were out in force. If we can keep up this momentum, a victory on Tuesday, December 5th is all but certain. This will be a tight race decided by only a few votes, and there is no doubt that the edge will go to the side that works the hardest.

As trade unionists, we know that we can outwork anyone. So let’s prove it over the next three days, and elect our union Sister Dahlia Vertreese as the next Mayor of Hillside.

There will also be phone banks held now through Election Day with an all-out GOTV mobilization on Tuesday, December 5th. CLICK HERE for full details on these opportunities and find out how to lend your support.

As always, thank you to our many union brothers and sisters who have worked to bring us this far. Your continued support will make the difference on Election Day.

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