Resolution Passes Calling on Newark School Administration to Bargain Fairly with Workers

Last night, the State Senate and Assembly adopted a resolution (AR-137/SR-82) urging the Newark School Administration to engage in meaningful negotiations and to reach an agreement with hundreds of non-instructional and food service workers – represented by Workers United – who have been without a contract for five years.

In addition to working in the school system, many of these individuals live in Newark and depend on fair wages to raise their families. However, many of these workers are earning less than $10 per hour and have not seen a raise in five years. Had workers been given a raise, that money would help local families to make ends meet, and often go directly back into building the Newark economy. The fact remains that the best way to improve local education is by supporting all students and their families who live and work in the community.

We thank our many affiliates and community partners for sending messages to the legislature to adopt a resolution in support of a fair contract to respect workers. We once again thank Assembly sponsors of this resolution, Thomas Giblin (D-34), Cleopatra Tucker (D-28), Ralph Caputo (D-28), Sheila Oliver (D-34), Eliana Pintor Marin (D-29), and L. Grace Spencer (D-29), Senate sponsor Ronald Rice (D-28), and Senator Teresa Ruiz (D-29) for her ongoing support.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to continue standing with these workers and upholding their right to justice, respect, and a fair contract.

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