Workers Unite Nationwide for Collective Bargaining Rights

The collective voice of thousands of working men and women were heard all across the nation on Saturday, with a simple message: stop the attacks on collective bargaining rights. While the Janus court case poses the latest threat to workers’ livelihoods, there has been a constant stream of attacks, funded by corporate America and advanced by right-wing politicians for decades. Yet it is clear from the solidarity shown today, by a full spectrum of American workers, that these attacks will be stopped and exposed for what they are.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to recognize all of our brothers and sisters who rallied to this cause and continue to fight every day for our rights as working people as well as our middle class values. It is your support that makes the difference.

No matter how strong the attempts to divide us are, our solidarity will see us through. Organized labor stands strong today because of the unity of those who came before us, and organized labor will continue to stand strong tomorrow thanks to your unwavering solidarity.

Thank you again for bringing your voice to this crucial battle that depends on each and every one of us standing up for our rights as working people. There is much work ahead, and we are proud to carry on the fight side by side with you.

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