Wishing Our Brothers and Sisters a Happy, Healthy, Union-Made Holiday


With the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to send well wishes to our union family and thank you for all you do to keep the labor movement strong. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication to advancing our shared goals. We believe that through our collective strength and solidarity we can surmount whatever challenges come our way.

The holidays are a great time to show our solidarity by shopping union and avoiding unscrupulous businesses like Walmart that undermine and take advantage of workers. There are several resources to shop union that we encourage you to use including, the AFL-CIO Union Label and Labor 411 Gift Guide. You can also stay safe on the roads with tires made by our USW brothers and sisters. Here is their Union Tire Buying Guide.

We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and union made holiday. May the spirit of solidarity stay with you throughout the New Year.

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