Wishing All a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

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Happy_Thanksgiving_2013.jpgAs we join together with our families this week to celebrate Thanksgiving and kick-off the holiday season with the first night of Hanukkah, we wanted to wish everyone good health and happiness. This was an historic and successful year for working families across our state, and all of your hard work deserves some quality rest and relaxation with friends and family.

For those who will begin their shopping for the holiday season this week, we encourage you to visit www.aflcio.org/MadeInAmericaHolidayGifts which contains a thorough list of union-made holiday gifts for you to browse. The website www.labor411.org is also a great resource for your shopping needs.

We all understand the importance of shopping union during the holidays, but it is especially important this year to shop union-made because businesses are making it harder than ever before for workers to enjoy the holidays with their families. Walmart and many other retailers have taken mistreatment to the next level. Not only are they forcing their employees to work during the Thanksgiving holiday, but the wages they pay are so low that families cannot even afford to provide a basic Thanksgiving dinner. This fact was made crystal clear after an Ohio Walmart outrageously decided to set up a Thanksgiving food drive for its workers this year.

The corporate takeover of Thanksgiving is an assault on our middle class family values and it is up to us as consumers to fight back. Therefore, this Black Friday the New Jersey State AFL-CIO will join with Walmart workers, union members, community partners, UFCW locals, and the OUR Walmart coalition in Secaucus to demand that companies like Walmart pay employees a fair wage and respect the right of workers to exercise their voice on the job.

Once again, thank you for all of your hard work this year. Your efforts to raise the standard of living for all workers in our state exemplify both the ongoing mission of the labor movement and the true sense of Thanksgiving. May your holidays be pleasant and safe.

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