When we WALK, When we VOTE, we have a VOICE


Our union brothers and sisters know that elections have consequences. That’s why 672 volunteers from 43 local unions weren’t deterred by damp, rainy weather on Saturday, and were out knocking on doors to inform fellow union members about the candidates seeking federal, state and local offices this November 4th.

A total of 23,520 union households were visited on Saturday’s Labor Walk, sponsored by the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and the Central Labor Councils.

CLICK HERE for pictures.

But as we know, union volunteers are the one who make these walks happen. Their dedication is an inspiring example of the proactive optimism that will ensure a bright future for our nation. Volunteers know that when you vote on Election Day, you act not only for yourself, but also for your union, your family and your community! When we walk, when we vote, we have a voice. We’re not just spectators, we are participants, and we ask that you join us every Saturday and on Election Day November 4th to make a difference and to help us achieve victory for working families!

To volunteer for the labor walk nearest you, CLICK HERE. To learn more about the candidates the New Jersey State AFL-CIO has endorsed because they support our middle-class values, CLICK HERE.

We hope to see you next Saturday!

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