When We Vote, We Have a Voice


Like every election, whether and how we vote on November 3 has consequences. So, we remind our brothers and sisters that the only way to ensure that the concerns of working families are fully represented in the Statehouse, and on freeholder boards, town councils and school boards is to elect New Jersey State AFL-CIO endorsed candidates to office.

Volunteer union members who have been going door-to-door to inform fellow union members about the upcoming election on our Saturday labor walks are helping 67 rank-and-file union members secure election victories as well as the scores of endorsed candidates who are not union members but who do put working families first.


Every Saturday labor walk brings us closer to victory for working families. Together, we can transform our challenges into victories.

Union volunteers make these weekly walks happen. Thank you to all who have volunteered. If you haven’t already done so – or if you’d like to join us again on labor walks – CLICK HERE to find the next walk near you. To view photos from this week’s walk, CLICK HERE.

Election Day will be here before you know it. It’s critically important to our future that we all do our part to see that the candidates we can count on are voted in to office on November 3.

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