What Does Labor Want?

Whether it is a job, equal pay for equal work, or the means to achieve a stable retirement, we as workers share many of the same hopes and dreams. And to this day, the best way to achieve those dreams is through a unified labor movement.

Born out of the perpetual struggle for workplace justice, the labor movement continues to fight on behalf of the shared values of working people. But what exactly is meant by the phrase “shared values”?

Samuel Gompers, the founder of the American Federation of Labor, who understood the complex and broad nature of labor’s mission, offered a very insightful quote on the subject which is featured in this special Labor Day 2014 video.

In addition to fighting for better wages and working conditions, the mission of the labor movement goes far beyond these types of tangible goals and remains committed to the fight for stronger communities, broad economic opportunity, and a brighter future for our families.

Labor Day is a chance for us to reflect on the things we value most such as friends, family, and the ability to earn a decent living. These are the common values that bind us together and propel us forward.

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