Walking and Talking Turkey


With the Hillside runoff election only 10 days away, labor hasn’t let up in its effort to elect our union Sister Dahlia Vertreese as the town’s next mayor. Even over the holiday weekend with most families discussing politics at the table, labor is talking as well as walking to bring a positive change to the community.

We graciously thank our many union brothers and sisters who made the time to be there on behalf of Sister Vertreese, and we hope to see even more of our members next week for our final Saturday labor walk and on Election Day, Tuesday, December 5th.

There will also be phone banks held Monday through Thursday which will be equally important to securing victory. CLICK HERE for details on how to plug into these volunteer opportunities.

Our work’s not done yet, and we are counting on your continued support to see the Labor 2017 program through to the finish. Thank you as always for the work that you do and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

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