Walk Together, Win Together

Volunteers exceed expectations as momentum builds in week 2 of Labor Walks

Two weeks into our annual Labor Walks and the momentum is building. Today, over two hundred and fifty volunteers from 39 local unions fanned out across the state to help educate fellow union members about candidates running for state, county, and local offices in the November 6th election. In total, the volunteers visited 8,925 union households—a significant increase from last week’s totals.

With each Labor Walk, we edge closer towards securing a victory for working families on Election Day. So, to our tireless volunteers, we say, THANK YOU!

The importance of this election cannot be understated. If you haven’t yet reserved a few Saturday mornings on your calendar for labor walks, now is the time. Please CLICK HERE for the current schedule of walks. Don’t sit back and let your future be decided by misinformed voters. Instead, be proactive, join us, and help educate your brothers and sisters.

Make no mistake: Only through the efforts of our volunteers can we realize the strength of our labor movement. The work that we do between now and November 6th will determine the outcome of the election. If we work together, and we walk together, we will win together!

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