Volunteers Needed for Saturday’s Labor Walks

The following Central Labor Councils will launch their first Labor Walks this Saturday: Burlington CLC, Essex/West Hudson CLC, Monmouth/Ocean CLC, Passaic CLC, and Union CLC. With Election Day less than two months away, it is time to make our voices heard, and we strongly encourage volunteers to come out and support our endorsed candidates.

In these difficult times, with constant attacks on workers’ rights and union rights, we need to make an extra effort to ensure that we elect candidates who will place the needs of working families first. With each street we canvas and door we knock on, we edge closer towards our goal, and we must not quit until we educate every last union member.

Come November, all eyes will be on New Jersey, as our state could play a pivotal role in flipping the U.S. House. Every vote will count. We have the power to create the fair economy and just society that we deserve. The nation is depending on us and you have an obligation to your sisters and brothers to help inflict change.

Walking door-to-door is key to winning elections. Even with all the new technology that’s out there, nothing can replicate the impact of one-on-one conversations. That’s why we need you to walk with us every Saturday that you can. Whether you’ve walked before or this is your first time, your voice is essential to our success.

Let’s keep up the fight and secure victory for labor in November.

Below please find a complete schedule of this Saturday’s labor walks. Walks begin at 9:00 a.m. and volunteers are encouraged to arrive thirty minutes prior. Please bring a fully charged mobile phone.  


Burlington CLC- Begins 9/15

CWA 1036

26 High Street, Mount Holly

Adam Liebtag (609)530-0060


Essex/West Hudson CLC- Begins 9/15


1576 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood

Tom Giblin (973)244-5801

Charles Hall Jr. (973)762-7224 Ext. 127


Monmouth/Ocean CLC- Begins 9/15

IBEW 400

3301 Highway 138 East, Wall

Wyatt Earp (732)773-9480


Passaic CLC- Begins 9/15

UFCW 1262

1389 Broad Street, Clifton

Juan Negron (201)618-5184


Union CLC- Begins 9/15


106 South Avenue West, Cranford

Roc White (973)521-7058

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