Volunteer Tip Sheet

Volunteer Recruitment

You’ll find it easy to recruit volunteers if you:

  • Ask members to volunteer in person, if possible.
  • Give members a reason to volunteer.
  • Make Worker/Voter activities interesting and fun.
  • Don’t require too much from volunteers.
  • Assure volunteers that they have the needed skills.
  • Provide training.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Explain how Worker/Voter makes the local union stronger.
  • Set and express goals.
  • Hold volunteers accountable; send the message that this project is important.
  • Encourage comments and suggestions.
  • Reward and express appreciation for volunteers’ efforts.

Volunteer Retention

You’ll lose volunteers if they feel:

  • Not part of a team effort.
  • Their work is not important.
  • Excluded from decisions.
  • Burnout/overburdened.
  • Extreme employer opposition.
  • The activity is not fun enough.
  • Unappreciated.
  • Materials are not provided.
  • The project is a waste of time.