Video: Livelihoods Threatened, Lives Tested in Atlantic City

City Sanitation Worker Making $22K Would Lose Job, Family Medical Benefits, Housing in Governor’s Takeover


Atlantic City’s financial crisis is taking a toll on city workers like Ahmid A. Abdullah Sr., a 39-year-old sanitation truck driver who finds it nearly impossible to support his family on his $22,000 yearly salary. The only raises he has received in 12 years in the Public Works Department have come through collective bargaining.

Abdullah urges the Legislature to “put yourselves in our place,” and vote for A-3614, the compromise bill that restores Atlantic City without dismantling collective bargaining, civil service, labor protections and more.

An Atlantic City native and president of AFSCME Local 2303, Abdullah believes this crucial vote will mean the difference between a stable future for his city, co-workers and family, and a political takeover that will eliminate his job and medical benefits through privatization, and force his family from their subsidized housing unit, which depends on him having a steady job.

“We hope the Legislature will do the right thing,” he says, “and save collective bargaining.”

Please support the compromise by voting YES on A-3614.

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