Urge Your State Senator to Override Christie’s Veto of Equal Pay Bill

The State Senate will vote today on whether or not to override the Governor’s veto of pay equity legislation. Time and time again, Christie has stood in the way of closing the pay gap for women in New Jersey, and we need to state loud and clear that enough is enough. 

CLICK HERE to contact your state Senator and urge him or her to override the governor’s veto of the Pay Equity Act.

New Jersey women make just 79 cents for every dollar made by men. Even worse, African-American women in New Jersey make just 58 cents for every dollar made by their white male counterparts – the second-widest gap in the country.

This battle is of key significance and impacts not only women, but also our families and the reality that our children will face upon entering the workforce. Let us carry forward the momentum from this weekend’s historic women’s march, and secure a victory that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of all working families.

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