Urge Your Legislator to Vote Yes on 'Buy American' Bills, Privatization Oversight

Thursday, Dec. 18th, will be a busy day at the New Jersey Statehouse. The state Senate and Assembly are both wrapping up 2014 with lengthy voting sessions. We ask that you check out the bills scheduled for floor votes, and contact your legislator (by clicking the links below) to support the pro-working families proposals that we have been working hard to enact:

Pass Buy American Bills _ This package of bills known collectively as “Buy American” legislation levels the playing field for domestic manufacturers and American workers by requiring public agencies to procure American-made goods whenever possible. The main bill (A-3059) is sponsored by Assemblyman Joe Egan. Four other bills (A-3221, A-3279-A-3281) sponsored by Assemblyman Joe Lagana and Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera would apply the same standards to bi-state agencies like the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. These are Jersey jobs bills, plain and simple. The Senate overwhelmingly passed the bills in June by bipartisan votes of 36-1; affirmative Assembly votes will send them to Gov. Christie’s desk.

CLICK HERE to urge your Assembly member to pass the “Buy American” jobs package.

Override Privatization Veto _ This bill (S-770) sponsored by Sen. Loretta Weinberg would establish standards for privatizing government services. It would prevent the governor from moving forward with privatization deals like the state lottery, which enriched his political friends at taxpayers’ expense. Christie vetoed this sorely needed accountability bill, even as the state lottery underperforms its sales targets.

CLICK HERE to urge your state Senator to vote to override the governor.  

We also ask you to support the following bills scheduled for floor votes in the Senate:

Require Quarterly Pension Payments _ This common-sense bill (S-2265) sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Sen. Bob Gordon would require the state to make its annual pension payment in four quarterly installments spread throughout the year. Requiring quarterly payments (rather than in one lump sum at the end of the fiscal year) increases the likelihood of the state honoring the law and allows more time for the money to earn dividends. The bill is up for a veto override vote.

Invalidate Civil Service Job Banding Rule _ This resolution seeks to invalidate the Civil Service Commission’s job-banding rule. The new rule is inconsistent with the legislative intent to select and promote employees based on their knowledge, skills and abilities and to ensure equal employment opportunities at all levels of public service. Sponsored by Sen. Bob Gordon and Sen. Linda Greenstein (SCR-147/ACR-192) was approved by the Assembly last month.

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