Urge U.S. Senate to Oppose Trump Labor Secretary Pick


In nominating Andrew Puzder, Donald Trump is going back on his campaign commitment to stand up for average working families. The problem is not that Puzder is a CEO, it’s that he has cut corners and shortchanged workers at every turn in order to fatten his profits.

CLICK HERE to send an e-mail to your U.S. Senators, expressing your opposition to Puzder as Labor Secretary.

Our U.S. Senators from New Jersey, Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, are on the side of working people, and realize that this nomination would be a disaster for our country’s workforce. Yet they still need to hear from their constituents, so that they can make the strongest possible case to Congress.

The Labor Department directly touches the lives of our 12.5 million members and all working people. Yet Trump’s pick is completely out of touch. Puzder opposes a living wage, opposes raising the minimum wage, and says workers don’t need overtime and they should instead be happy with a “sense of accomplishment.” He also has a long record of undermining and discouraging unions. CLICK HERE to learn more about Puzder.

There is too much at stake to remain silent, and with the election behind us, now the real fight begins. CLICK HERE to take action now.

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