Unions Rally in Solidarity for Taj Mahal Strikers

Rally_banner_cropped.jpgMore than 1,100 Taj Mahal workers remain on strike, demonstrating remarkable endurance and commitment to securing workplace justice and a middle class standard of living. The strikers are frequently supported by visiting affiliate unions. They received the largest outpouring of support so far on Thursday, as workers from across the labor movement fanned out across the boardwalk to bolster their cause.

“When hard working families are left behind, the future of Atlantic City is put in jeopardy,” stated New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. “In order for Atlantic City to prosper, the workers who live, work, and raise their families here need to be part of the city’s recovery.”

“Workers are fighting for living wages and health care, while billionaire Carl Icahn seeks to build his fortune on the backs of workers,” added Wowkanech.  “New Jersey’s unions will stand together as long as it takes to ensure that the voice of the local community speaks louder than the voice of organized greed.”

WTrump_Taj_Mahal_Front.jpgorkers at the Trump Taj Mahal have been under siege by billionaire Carl Icahn, who has stripped away health care and pension benefits from casino workers, and to add insult to injury, taken away their half-hour paid meal break. Workers have sacrificed long enough to make the Taj Mahal a success and deserve to earn decent wages and benefits to take care of their families.

New Jersey needs middle class jobs that build up our communities and economy. We are 100 percent behind our Local 54 brothers and sisters on strike and thank our many affiliate unions for their critical and ongoing support.

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