Union Strong

Ten days before Election Day, volunteers brave a nor’easter to help spread the word about labor-endorsed candidates

The threat of a nor'easter wasn’t enough to trump the strength of union members today, as nearly a thousand volunteered at labor walks across the state. In heavy rain and winds reaching upwards of 60 mph, the volunteers knocked on 33, 200 doors, educating fellow members on the benefits of electing labor-endorsed candidates—the candidates who will place the needs of working families first.

Moving into the final ten days before the mid-term elections, there are many close races, but New Jersey’s U.S. Senate race between Democratic incumbent Bob Menendez and Republican challenger Bob Hugin may be the most critical to the labor movement. Ultimately, a Menendez loss would severely damage Democrats’ prospects of winning control of the U.S. Senate. 

This morning, Senator Menendez made an appearance at the Bergen Central Labor Council in Paramus, where he addressed a crowd of more than 300 eager volunteers.

“Thank you for giving up your Saturday. Thank you for walking. We may not always see you, but we know and appreciate what you’re doing,” said Senator Menendez. “This election isn’t about me...No, it’s about you. It’s about your future. It’s about the money in your pocket. It’s about your healthcare and your right to join together and fight as one for better wages, for better working conditions, and to make sure your pensions are preserved. This is all under assault right now.”

“As I speak to you today, we are in the midst of a Republican congress that wants to undermine everything we’ve fought for,” he said. “We have ten days. Ten days to change congress. Ten days to protect your future. And together we can achieve this victory and take back our country.”

During his 26 years in office, Senator Menendez has stood for working families, boasting a nearly 100% approval rating. Though the polls show Senator Menedez leading his challenger Bob Hugin, the race is much closer than originally expected. This is due in large part to the multimillion-dollar advertising blitz Hugin launched in order to smear Menendez.

Whenever unions have come under attack, Senator Menendez has been in our corner, ready to fight to protect our rights. Now it’s our turn to fight for him. We must come together in solidarity to ensure that our sisters and brothers are aware of the Senator’s proven track record of placing the interests of working families first and that they haven't been swayed by the hateful rhetoric of his Republican opponent. 

So, with Election Day merely ten days away, we need to redouble our efforts—not only for Senator Menendez, but also for all of our endorsed candidates. If we continue to push, to seize every opportunity to educate our brothers and sisters, we CAN and we WILL determine the outcome of this election.

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