Union Solidarity Delivers Victory for Murphy/Oliver Team

The results of New Jersey’s critical gubernatorial election are in, and the election of Phil Murphy as Governor and Sheila Oliver as Lieutenant Governor, speaks to the unmatched mobilization efforts of organized labor and the New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s political program that is unparalleled by any other in our state or nation.


Let’s be clear: what made the difference tonight was our unified labor voice, comprised of support from thousands of union volunteers, national, state and local affiliates, Central Labor Councils, and Building Trades Councils. We had an opportunity to show strength and solidarity and we did. We joined together every Saturday for labor walks, made calls at evening phone banks, and delivered thousands of mail pieces around the state. There is no question that our one-million member strong state labor movement determined the outcome of this election.


Working people needed a victory and organized labor delivered. The results of this election make clear that the New Jersey labor movement will lead the way forward for the rest of the nation, securing needed reforms that promote job creation, quality education, skills training, modernized infrastructure, affordable health care, equitable taxation, and a sustainable and secure retirement future for all New Jersey families.

Once again, we cannot thank you enough for your solidarity and support which made this victory possible. Together, we made the difference, and together we will continue to be the driving force that moves our state forward with pro-worker, pro-family policies.

Results continue to be tallied for 120 state legislative races and 60 rank-and-file union member elections. This information will be sent in a follow up newsletter later this evening.

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