Trump Takes Anti-Worker Position in Janus Case


The U.S. Supreme Court case, Janus v. AFSCME, is expected to be argued as early as February of next year. The court’s ruling will have drastic implications on all workers with the potential to make every public sector job in the country Right-to-Work overnight.

Despite the negative impact that Right-to-Work has on wages, health benefits, and working conditions, the Trump administration recently submitted a brief to the court, advocating a position that threatens the livelihood of working people.

Labor’s collective voice built our nation’s middle class, but now, the foundational principles of unionism in our country are under attack by short-sighted and profit-driven special interests. For decades, Democrats and Republicans alike understood that all those who benefit from collective bargaining should contribute their fair share.

The Janus case, which is a proxy for Right-to-Work, creates a false controversy that has nothing to do with worker freedom and everything to do with busting unions. While President Trump has repeatedly stated how great he is for workers, his position on the Janus case should leave no doubt of where his true loyalties lie.

As we know: “An attack on one is an attack on all.” However, this is not just a union issue. Right-to-Work is an affront on the entire middle class, and our future depends on the solidarity of workers and community members alike. Working together, we must ensure that the right to organize and the right to collectively bargain is upheld.

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