Tremendous Thank You to Labor 2013 Volunteers and Staff

Labor_2013_Volunteers_1.JPGThe amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for an election is truly astounding. This year, with two major elections on the way and the all-important minimum wage question on the November 5th ballot, Labor 2013 volunteers and staff have been working around the clock every day to build walk packets for our entire state and develop customized flyers and materials for our local unions and Central Labor Councils.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has also rolled out a brand new predictive dialer system for statewide phone banks and made significant updates to the Volunteer-In-Politics (VIP) electronic sign-in system to promote accountability and transparency during this year’s voter contact activities. We have spent countless hours registering voters with an emphasis on Vote-by-Mail and have been traveling to community events around the state. Our volunteers are actively engaging on social networks to highlight our campaign as well as submitting various opinion pieces to local and statewide newspapers.
Labor_2013_Volunteers_2.JPGWe cannot express enough how important our volunteers and release staff are to our election efforts. Without their support the Labor 2013 program would not be possible. Therefore, we would like to take this moment to recognize all of our volunteers and release staff and to thank them for their hard work and tireless dedication to the campaign.
We look forward to continuing all the great work we have seen for this election and ensuring that we make our voices heard on both October 16th and November 5th.

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