TODAY IN TRENTON: Legislation Concerning the Outsourcing of Call Center Jobs & Fire Safety Advance

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO, working with the IBEW and CWA, continues to advocate for S-1780.  We thank the prime Sponsors, Senators Diegnan (D-18) and Turner (D-15), for their leadership on this issue. The bill, which is in-line with Governor Murphy’s recent calls to hold corporations accountable for the receipt of taxpayer-funded job creation incentive grants, seeks to protect call center jobs in the state. The bill was released from the Senate Appropriations Committee by a vote of 8 to 2-2.  It was released along party lines with Democratic Senators Sarlo (D-36), Cunningham (D-31), Ruiz (29), Greenstein (D-14), Cruz-Perez (D-5), Diegnan (D-18), Singleton (D-7), and Adrzejczack (D-1) voting YES. Republicans O’Scanlon (D-13) and Oroho (D-24) voted NO. Senators Addiego (D-4) and Thompson (D-12) abstained.

The bill, which has already passed the State Assembly, is now on 2nd reading in the Senate.

Also released from committee was A-3974, sponsored by Assemblywoman Quijano (D-20) and Assemblyman Danielsen (D-17). The bill would require the installation of fire suppression systems in new single and two family homes. If enacted, this legislation would not only help save lives and protect the public, but would also assist first responders and create jobs in the construction industry.  

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO joined Sprinkler Fitters Local 696 and the Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey (IAFF) in supporting the bill in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee. The bill was released unanimously.           

Thank you to the legislators that voted in support of these two bills and thank you to all the affiliates that were in Trenton today continuing to push for the passage of these important pro-worker pieces of legislation.

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