TODAY AT THE STATE HOUSE: Labor Harmony Agreement Legislation Advances

Bill Concerning Sign Fabrication and Project Labor Agreements Also Released from the Senate Labor Committee

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO was proud to join with RWDSU and the Hotel Trades Council today in favor of legislation S-3923, sponsored by Senator Fred Madden, which was debated by the Senate Labor Committee. If enacted, the bill would establish “Labor Harmony Agreements” for hospitality projects.

S-3948, also sponsored by Senator Fred Madden and supported by Workers United, would do the same for retail projects and distribution center projects.

Both bills were released 3-0, with Senators Madden (D-4), Greenstein (D-14) and Lagana (D-38) all voting “YES.”

Also released from committee by a vote of 3-0 was S-3924 (Madden). The bill, supported by the SMART Union, seeks to apply prevailing wage requirements and project labor agreements to certain sign fabrication jobs.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO thanks Chairman Madden for his leadership on these issues and for his sponsorship for all three bills. We also thank Senators Greenstein and Lagana for voting in favor and all the unions that supported these bills in committee. 

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