The Reason our Labor Walk Program is the Most Successful in the Country Is YOU!


Whether it’s devoting lunch hours to assembling candidate packets or spending Saturday mornings knocking on union members’ doors to inform them about their choices in the upcoming election, our union volunteers are THE reason the New Jersey State AFL-CIO-sponsored Labor Walk Program is the most successful in the country.


Every sector of the labor movement participates, and it’s great to see the solidarity in the room as we all get ready for the walks. This all happens thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Central Labor Councils and Building Trades. In a few short weeks leading up to the November 4th election, our union volunteers have knocked on a total of 135,870 doors. This week alone, 1,187 volunteers from 84 locals visited 41,545 union members’ homes.

To view photos of Saturday’s Labor Walk, CLICK HERE.


The election will be held in just 10 days, but there is still time for you to participate. Labor walks will continue until Election Day. To find a labor walk near you, CLICK HERE. A massive Get-Out-The-Vote effort on Election Day, November 4th, will cap off our election program. Let’s show the power of our labor movement! To find out how you can participate in GOTV, CLICK HERE.

No one does this better than you do. YOU are the reason for our success. Working together, we will win together!

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