Thanksgiving: A Time to Come Together in Solidarity


Thanksgiving is the time of year that we join together with our family and friends to share a hearty meal and appreciate the important things in life.  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our union family for all the work that you do. Our labor movement will always have battles to fight, but it is because of your dedication and persistence that we continue to forge forward.

History shows the countless gains we have made through union solidarity, including higher wages, safer working conditions and the right to speak with one collective voice for better workplaces. This year has been a long and tough one, but we are made stronger through our solidarity. It’s more important than ever to remain active in our locals and steadfast in our values.

There are many ways to show our solidarity from talking to our friends and family about the importance of unions to putting together a union shopping list for the holidays. Before you shop be sure to visit for an extensive list of union-made products.

We extend our gratitude to our wonderful affiliates, to those who lead their locals, and to our Central Labor Councils and Building Trades Councils. Thank you for all you have done throughout this year and will continue to do to keep our labor movement strong. Your efforts show that when we stand together, we achieve our goals together.

We wish all of our brothers and sisters a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving.

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