Tell Verizon: Follow the Law and Upgrade Your Fiber Optic Network

More than 20 years ago, Verizon agreed to upgrade their networks to allow customers access to fiber optic broadband under a regulatory agreement called “Opportunity New Jersey.” The build-out of this network was to be paid for by fees and surcharges passed on to consumers.

Well, two decades later, and guess what? Verizon has been pocketing the fees and surcharges, but has dragged its feet on development of the network. And now they are even asking the state’s Board of Public Utilities to change the rules to let them off the hook and not comply with the law.

The build-out of this fiber optic network is not only good for consumers, it’s good for job creation.

Contact the BPU before March 24 and make your voice heard! Verizon must be made to follow the original requirements of Opportunity New Jersey.

Click here to TAKE ACTION right now! Simply type in your contact information, and your comments will be sent directly to the BPU.

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