Take Action to Stop Disastrous Trump Health Plan

The number of ways that Trump’s health care plan takes us backwards is hard to fathom. As the Congressional Budget Office estimates, the plan would take health care coverage away from 24 million people. Additionally, Trump’s plan would slash Medicare and Medicaid funding, making insurance less affordable for working middle and low income families. The effect of cutting Medicaid funding to states would have profound implications on New Jersey’s budget.

CLICK HERE to send a message to your members of Congress urging them to oppose Trump’s disastrous health care plan.

The beneficiaries of this plan are not those who are struggling to make ends meet. Instead they are the wealthiest households that would receive tax breaks ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars a year. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are estimated to gain $145 billion and $25 billion respectively over the next 10 years under Trump’s plan.

Rather than addressing the crisis of health care affordability in our nation, this plan adds fuel to the fire. Health care premiums are already rising faster than wages, and this plan cuts deeply into the financial assistance available to millions of families through the Affordable Care Act. For the elderly, this plan threatens to make insurance unaffordable altogether.

A plan that results in more uninsured, less coverage, higher deductibles, and staggering price increases for the elderly in return for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate windfalls is not a plan that our nation can afford.

CLICK HERE to take action and demand a health care system that is inclusive, affordable, and respects all working families. Your support is vital, and together we must make our voices heard.

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