Take Action to Oppose U.S. House Bill (H.R. 1406) Undermining Overtime Pay

House_Floor.jpgThe “Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013” also known as “comp time” legislation is pending a vote in the House of Representatives and we anticipate that a vote may occur as early as next week.  The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is opposed to this bill and asks you, your friends, and family to take action in opposition.

CLICK HERE to send a message to your Congressional Representative urging him or her to oppose this bill (H.R. 1406).

This deceptively named legislation takes a significant step backwards for employees because it dilutes their ability to earn overtime pay while also undermining the 40-hour work week and establishing mandatory overtime.

If enacted, this legislation would provide employers with a financial incentive to establish a “comp time” system that shortchanges workers both financially and logistically in regard to work-week hours and scheduling.  Under this bill, the benefit of flexibility would be granted only to employers – at the cost of employees.  Employees would suffer dramatic financial and personal hardships if this bill is enacted.

As workers’ wages continue to stagnate, this bill not only does nothing to change that, but goes in the opposite direction by loosening rules that will result in a further erosion of workers’ wages.

CLICK HERE to urge your House Representative to oppose this bill.

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