Take Action: Support Pension Funding


Public employees have never skipped a pension payment. However, years of mismanagement by the state has brought New Jersey’s pension system to the brink of disaster. We strongly support a ballot question that requires the state to live up to its pension funding obligation. Simply put: We support this proposal to save workers’ pensions. 

Requiring the state to live up to its obligation to fund pensions will restore New Jersey’s retirement system to fiscal health for the 800,000 active and retired workers who are counting on receiving the modest pension they earned.

Please CLICK HERE to send a message to your legislators in the state Senate and Assembly to convey the importance of passing resolution S-184/ACR-3 to place a ballot question for fully funded pensions before voters.

Committees in the Senate and Assembly have advanced the resolution. Our best hope of getting full pension funding on next November’s ballot is for both houses of the Legislature to pass the same resolution before the session ends on January 11, 2016.

You can help save workers’ pensions by urging your legislator to vote YES on the resolution.

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