Take Action: State Assembly to Vote on Earned Sick Days and Equal Pay

The full state Assembly will consider two vital bills on, Monday, March 26, 2018, which have been championed by the labor movement for several years. Earned sick leave (A-1827: Lampitt / Mukherji) and the Equal Pay Act (A-1: Lampitt / Downey) represent an opportunity for our state to advance and lead in the fight for fairness and workplace justice.

The Equal Pay Act has strong bipartisan support, and we need to likewise urge all legislators to support earned sick days for all New Jerseyans. CLICK HERE to let your Assembly members hear from you. With your voice, we can ensure the passage and enactment of these measures.

We thank the prime sponsors of both bills for their steadfast advocacy, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin for posting the bills, and all of our affiliates whose hard work has brought us to this critical point. Now that we are poised to make earned sick leave and pay equity a reality for all workers in New Jersey, let’s take the last step to victory together.

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