TAKE ACTION: Reject Eugene Scalia!

The Secretary of Labor needs to be a true advocate for working people. This position should be held by someone who will make the interests of working men and women a first priority—someone who will protect us from unscrupulous employers, set strong health and safety standards and safeguard our retirement security.

Let’s be absolutely clear: Eugene Scalia, the man named by President Trump to be the next Secretary of Labor, is not that person!

As a corporate lawyer, Eugene Scalia has spent his entire career making life more difficult and dangerous for working people. He has fought ergonomics standards, threatened to destroy workers’ retirement savings, challenged the expansion of health care and dismissed repetitive injuries as “junk science.” Scalia’s extreme views are in direct conflict with what America deserves from a Secretary of Labor, and we must oppose his nomination.

Take Action NOW! Click on the link below and follow instructions to send a letter to your Senators. Tell them to reject Eugene Scalia. Tell them that Scalia is the wrong person for the job. Tell them that working men and women deserve a Secretary of Labor who represents our values—not a corporate lawyer who built his career fighting worker protections like health and safety regulations, retirement security and collective bargaining rights. 


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