Countdown Until Election Day:

Take Action and Urge Lawmakers to End the Shutdown, Pass a Clean Budget

We elected legislators to do a job and abstaining from a vote that has now caused a state government shutdown is unacceptable. People's livelihoods are at stake and decisive action is needed. Below is a list of legislators who have abstained and need to hear their constituents' voices:

Mazzeo - Dist. 2

Burzichelli - Dist. 3

Taliaferro - Dist. 3

Moriarty - Dist. 4

Mosquera - Dist. 4

Barclay - Dist. 5

Jones - Dist. 5

Greenwald - Dist. 6

Lampitt - Dist. 6

Conaway - Dist. 7

Singleton - Dist. 7

Downey - Dist. 11

Houghtaling - Dist. 11

Clifton - Dist. 12

Dancer - Dist. 12

Danielsen - Dist. 17

Egan - Dist. 17

Karabinchak - Dist. 18

Pinkin - Dist. 18

Coughlin - Dist. 19

Green - Dist. 22

Pintor Marin - Dist. 29

Watson - Dist. 29

Johnson - Dist. 37
























If your legislator is listed, please send him or her a direct message with the simple message, pass the budget, end the shutdown.

To look up your legislator and send an electronic message, please click here:

Holding the state budget captive as a result of Governor Christie’s Horizon demands – a completely unrelated issue that was brought up less than one week ago today – is misguided and a disservice to all New Jerseyans.
By expanding Horizon’s mission to serve as the insurer of last resort, S-4 is a health care tax imposed by Governor Christie on policy holders. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO maintains that any surplus should be returned to policy holders rather than diverted to other uses by the governor.




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