Stop Trump Tax Scam in the Senate


The U.S. Senate is expected to vote shortly after Thanksgiving on Trump’s tax scam, and we urge every union brother and sister to express their strong opposition by clicking HERE. We are fortunate that both of our U.S. Senators are fighting against Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy, but your voice will further empower them to make a stronger case in opposition to the bill.

By raising our voices loud enough, we can stop this bill dead in its tracks. If the Trump plan comes to pass, average working families in New Jersey have nothing to gain and everything to lose with the elimination of the property tax deduction that it used by state families.

The GOP expects working families to have faith that funneling more money to Big Business and the super wealthy will somehow have a net positive effect on the rest of us. But the question remains: if that were the case, what’s taking so long? The cash hoards of Big Business have reached historic proportions and the top 1% control an ever growing share of national wealth.

The obvious conclusion here is that further enriching the wealthy would do nothing to benefit the rest of us, and most importantly, the cost of such a misguided plan, would place an even greater burden on middle class families that simply cannot be afforded.

CLICK HERE to send a message to your U.S. Senators and lend your voice to the effort to stop Trump’s tax breaks for the wealthy and demand that Congress put working people first.

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