State Assembly Adopts ACR 215 to Invalidate Proposed Job Banding Regulation

In today’s legislative session, the Assembly adopted ACR-215 along party lines by a vote of 46 to 31 with zero abstentions. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO thanks the Assembly leadership for posting this resolution and those legislators who voted in support.
Earlier in 2013, the Civil Service Commission proposed a “job banding” regulation which negatively impacts the promotion process and opens up the civil service system to patronage and discrimination.

The Civil Service Commission has reissued its rule proposal with “major” revisions, which triggers a new public hearing schedule and public comment period. There is a public hearing scheduled at the Civil Service Commission on February 26, 2014, and new written comment period in April 2014.

Despite revisions to the Civil Service Commission rule, ACR-215 was an important step to invalidating the original rule and will serve to strengthen our cause as we oppose the revised job banding rule.

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