Start Your Saturday in Solidarity


“In solidarity” isn’t just a phrase used to end a letter. It’s the initiative we take to uphold our values, the energy we dedicate in the fight for all workers, and the drive that pushes our movement forward. In short, solidarity is hard work. Therefore, we thank the many volunteers who took the time this Saturday to show their solidarity as we work towards a victory on Election Day, now only 45 days away.

Walking door-to-door is a fundamental element of winning elections. Even with all the new technology that’s out there, nothing has replicated the impact of one-on-one conversations. We need you to walk with us every Saturday that you can. Whether you’ve walked before or this is your first time, your voice is very much needed to ensure our success.

CLICK HERE for the schedule of upcoming Saturday labor walks. Even though we are working hard, there is no better and more rewarding way to start your Saturday than in solidarity with your union brothers and sisters, working towards a better future for all.

So once again, please join us on Saturdays through Election Day to support the candidates who will stand up for working families.

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