Labor Solidarity = Election Success


The unequaled success of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s labor candidates’ program shows that there is no limit to the results we can achieve when we all work together as a unified labor movement.

Solidarity among all sectors of labor is why we have attained 817 election victories by union candidates. Solidarity is the reason we have Rep. Donald Norcross, our IBEW 351 brother, representing our interests in Congress. It’s why we have union brothers and sisters looking out for us in the Statehouse, on freeholder and school boards, in mayor’s offices and on town councils throughout New Jersey. And, it’s why a record 67 rank-and-file union members are seeking elected offices this November 3rd.


We are proud of every election victory we have achieved. But, we know that more victories are needed if we are to succeed in rebalancing the economy so that every working man and woman has the opportunity to earn a decent living and provide for their family.

We know that none of this is possible without YOU!

If you are a dedicated labor walk volunteer, THANK YOU. If you are new to labor walks, THANK YOU. If you are considering getting involved for the first time, THANK YOU. To find an upcoming labor walk near you, CLICK HERE. To view photos from Saturday’s walks around the state, CLICK HERE.

We look forward to seeing all of you on the next two Saturdays, and on Election Day.

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