Solidarity Prevails in West Virginia Teachers’ Strike

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO commends our AFT brothers and sisters in West Virginia on a hard fought victory to ensure quality education and good jobs, and we thank all those affiliates who stood in solidarity with them every step of the way.

In addition, please find a statement from national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka regarding the West Virginia teachers strike below:

The victory for teachers and public employees in West Virginia is a true testament to their activism and an important reminder of the power of working people to improve the lives of everyone. Whether it is raising pay, providing quality health care our making our jobs safer, all workers know that when we join together and fight together, we will win together.

Nothing is more important to our future than the quality of our children’s education. Teachers are the backbone of the education system and deserve the resources needed to inspire the next generation. A top-tier education, in West Virginia and across America, requires top-tier talent—and that requires an investment in our teachers.

That is why the AFL-CIO’s 12.5 million and the entire labor movement were proud to stand with the brave teachers in West Virginia.

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