Solidarity and Momentum for IFPTE 194 Toll Collectors Continue to Build

We cannot thank our affiliates, community partners, and labor elected officials enough for the outpouring of support they have shown our brothers and sisters from IFPTE Local 194. Together, we have sent over 500 direct messages – which continue to come in from individuals and organizations – to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority Chairman James Simpson, urging him to oppose privatization of toll collectors’ jobs. We joined together at numerous commissioners’ meetings to make the case against privatization. We are also working with labor elected officials, at all levels of our government, to pass resolutions in opposition to Turnpike privatization.

We must not be distracted by the news cycle, and instead focus on the matter at hand, which is: good jobs are under attack. It is imperative that we continue to conduct the real work of fighting for good jobs and the future of our state’s middle class.
Through our collective support for the toll collectors, we have proven the strength and effectiveness of our solidarity. With your continued support we will continue in our mission to prevent privatization.
The stakes are far-reaching. Good jobs not only provide a means for workers to take care of their families, but are essential to growing the community and promoting economic stability. We are all in this fight together, and through our unity, we will make our voices heard.
Thank you again for your support, ongoing dedication to workers’ justice, and commitment to exercising our collective strength.

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