Solidarity Alert: Stand Up for AC Casino Workers Whose Pensions and Health Benefits Are Being Stripped Away

Eleven-hundred of our brothers and sisters from UNITE HERE Local 54 who work at Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal casino are being stripped of their pension and health care due to the flagrant anti-union actions of a billionaire businessman and a giant casino company.

Business mogul Carl Icahn and casino owner Trump Entertainment Resorts threatened to close the Taj Mahal unless union workers agreed to eliminate their pensions and health care coverage. When the union said no, the two profiteers went to bankruptcy court to get a judge to bust the union contract.

The judge’s short-sighted decision drives a stake through the heart of collective bargaining. It is a devastating blow to the hard-working union members at Trump Taj Mahal, who, through no fault of their own, will lose their health insurance within days and see their retirement security upended. Icahn, who owns two other Atlantic City casinos, has closed Trump Plaza, putting 1,153 union workers out on the street. Now he wants the same pension and health care givebacks from union workers at the Tropicana that he got at the Taj Mahal.

We will be sending a strong message of solidarity to our union brothers and sisters by taking their plight into consideration when visiting Atlantic City. We respectfully ask that you consider options other than Icahn-owned properties when booking an event in Atlantic City. Let’s show Carl Icahn and Trump Entertainment what we think of their union-busting tactics by taking our business to properties that respect the ability of workers to care for their families.

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