Solidarity Alert: Demand Reinstatement for Fired Union Supporters at XPO Trenton


On April 14, 2017, drivers at the XPO Trenton facility voted to join Teamsters Local 701, despite the company spending thousands of dollars on union busters in an attempt to sway the election. This was a brutal and hard fought victory and management’s ongoing retaliatory actions are simply unacceptable.

Just last week, three drivers – Tom Bower, Ivo Cifelli and Laszlo Rituper – were fired by XPO management. These drivers were known union supporters who spoke in favor of unionizing at the company’s captive audience meetings that were orchestrated to dissuade employees from joining the Teamsters.

We ask affiliates to join us next week during a protest to demand reinstatement for the three workers who were unjustly fired for simply exercising their right to a voice on the job. Those workers, as well as Teamsters Local 701 President Ernie Soehl and Teamsters Vice President Fred Potter, elected officials, and community members will participate. Details are as follows:


May 24, 2017


8:00 a.m.


XPO Logistics
107 Youngs Road
Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

Collectively, these drivers have nearly 50 years of unblemished service at XPO.  Laszlo Rituper has worked for XPO Logistics for 20 years and has almost 1.8 million accident free miles. Tom Bower is a 21-year employee at XPO.  Ivo Cifelli has worked for XPO for seven years and has driven over 500,000 miles accident-free. There is absolutely no reason these workers should have been fired.

XPO should respect the workers’ federal right to choose a union.  The election is over and workers made their choice to unionize.  Retaliating against union supporters is disgraceful and it’s illegal. Join us on Wednesday, May 24th to demand reinstatement for Tom, Ivo, and Laszlo.

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