Sign the Petition to Stop Deregulation of New Jersey’s Telecom Industry


The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and the telecommunication industry are attempting to quietly and quickly implement a proposal that would eliminate some of the few remaining consumer protections for local phone service.  These actions will immediately harm our union brothers and sisters and members of the public. 

CLICK HERE to sign a petition sponsored by IBEW 827 that urges the BPU to oppose the deregulation of local phone service. Please also share this petition with your friends to help surpass our goal of 1,000 signatures.

The telecom industry is seeking to reclassify the services of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (“ILEC”) as “competitive”. This stipulation would immediately deregulate residential service, single line business, installation charges and directory assistance. It also keeps service quality requirements for only three years with a reassessment for perhaps another two, but it is unclear what happens once the deregulation occurs.

Without formally making a decision, the BPU has in effect rubberstamped an agreement without any public notice or comment. The telecommunication industry tried and failed to convince New Jersey legislators to pass a law eliminating consumer protections. Having failed legislatively, they are now using the BPU to achieve their objectives.

Please sign this petition to stand with local consumers and IBEW 827 brothers and sisters to ensure responsible regulation of the telecommunication industry.

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