Show Your Solidarity with Verizon Strikers


Our CWA and IBEW brothers and sisters who are striking against corporate greed at Verizon are counting on our support in their ongoing fight to earn a sustainable living.

By standing up to preserve their rights on the job, these brave middle-class workers are standing up for the rights of all of us. Here are some things we can do to help:

Join a Picket Line

CWA is picketing at all 17 Verizon corporate wireless stores in New Jersey between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. To find the store nearest you, visit (Other Verizon locations are authorized dealers; CWA is NOT picketing at those sites.)

IBEW is picketing at more than 40 locations around the state. View those sites HERE.

Assistance is welcome weekdays and weekends.

Bring Refreshments

The strikers welcome small acts of kindness: Stop by a strike site to donate a case of cold water, some sandwiches or a few pizzas.

Hand Out Leaflets

CWA is recruiting volunteers to pass out leaflets at train and bus stations and other areas with heavy pedestrian traffic between 9:30 and 11 a.m.

Attend a Rally

A rally has been planned for noon on Monday, April 25, at the Statehouse. Wear your union colors; show your union pride!

Demand Additional Service

Do you make payments to Verizon online? Stop. For the duration of the strike, make all payments by check. Paying by check requires Verizon to perform additional bookkeeping.

Do you hear any interference or static on your land line? Complain by calling 1-800-Verizon.

By showing our solidarity and support, we’ll be helping our brothers and sisters at CWA and IBEW last one day longer than their greedy employer!

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