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Union Products And Services

Check out the AFL-CIO Union Label and Service Trades Department, which has provided information and resources on union products and services since 1909. To find union hotels in every state check the UNITEHERE Union Hotel Guide before you make your business and vacation travel plans! National lists of union printers are available from the GCC/IBT. Find Vehicles made in the USA or Canada with the UAW's Vehicle Guide.

National AFL-CIO Endorsed Boycotts

One of the simplest ways to promote solidarity in the labor movement is to be informed. The national AFL-CIO’s list of endorsed boycotts is a valuable information source which helps to coordinate the efforts of organized labor nationwide.

Many of the endorsed boycotts are hotel properties. When contracting with hotels for meetings and conferences, whether the hotel is on the boycott list or not, we encourage affiliates to seek protective language in your hotel contracts to protect your organization from financial loss should you need to move your event as a result of a labor dispute.