Sheila Oliver Joins Labor on the Walk to Victory


We are 31 days out from Election Day, and the strong support we have seen from unions underscore the importance of this election. This weekend alone, 1,079 union members knocked on 37,765 doors, helping to get the word out to our brothers and sisters about the candidates who represent our values.

It was an honor to have Speaker Sheila Oliver meet with union volunteers in Passaic County this Saturday. We recognize the Passaic County CLC for demonstrating the solidarity and strength of our labor program that could not be possible without your support.

Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver understand how valuable your time and voice is to securing a working families victory. That’s why they have both scheduled multiple visits to labor walks around the state. Please mark your calendars for their upcoming walk schedule:

Phil Murphy
Monmouth/Ocean CLC (10/14)


Sheila Oliver
Hudson CLC (10/14)
Burlington CLC (10/28)

Also keep in mind, no matter where you live in the state, there is a walk near you. CLICK HERE to get plugged in and ensure the voice of working families is heard this year. And as always, thank you for all that you do to keep our movement strong.

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