Senate Seeks to Revive Broken Health Care Plan

Call 888-865-8089 Now to Oppose 

After failing to find support for a health plan that would take health insurance away from millions of Americans, the Senate GOP is reported to be working on another iteration of their anti-health care bill. Just as we stopped them before, we can stop them again.

Take a moment right now to call 888-865-8089 and ask that our U.S. Senators vote “NO” on any health care plan that hurts working families.

These are the facts regarding the legislation the Senate is considering:

  • Millions of Americans would lose health coverage. Repealing the Affordable Care Act would strip coverage from 23 million Americans and could collapse insurance markets.
  • The wealthy would gain massive tax breaks. The Republican proposal maintains the tax on union-negotiated health plans, leading to higher costs for middle class families. But the same proposal gives the top .1% a $200,000 tax cut.
  • Older workers would pay more. The proposal includes an age tax that lets insurers charge older Americans five times as much as younger adults.
  • Medicaid funding would be cut. The Republican plan would force cuts to Medicaid coverage for people who desperately need it. That includes long-term care for America’s seniors and more than one-third of American children.

A plan that results in more uninsured, less coverage, higher deductibles, and staggering price increases for the elderly in return for tax cuts for the wealthy is not a plan that our nation can afford. Take action now to demand the health care system our nation and middle class deserve.

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