Senate Poised to Vote, Call 844-899-9913 to Oppose Gorsuch

Time is running out, and we need to muster our strength as a labor movement to oppose the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Call 844-899-9913 now and urge your U.S. Senators to stand with working families and oppose Gorsuch.

A vote could come as soon as today, and almost certainly before the end of the week, so there is no time to delay. While Democrats have the votes to filibuster, Republican leadership has vowed to change long-standing Senate rules to force Gorsuch’s confirmation.

Our opposition is based on Gorsuch’s abysmal record when it comes to upholding the rights of working people. Gorsuch has sided with corporations over workers in even the most extreme circumstances, including blatant workplace safety violations, sex discrimination and more cases that you can read about HERE.

This confirmation isn’t about Donald Trump, Neil Gorsuch or party politics, it’s about ensuring that the highest court in the nation puts justice first. There are far too many questions about Gorsuch and his record to entrust him to fulfill that responsibility.

Call 844-899-9913 now and urge the Senate to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation and insist on a nominee with a record demonstrating greater respect for the rights of working families.

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