Senate Fails to Override Christie Veto of Pay Equity

While we are disappointed that the Senate did not secure enough votes to override Governor Christie’s veto of the Pay Equity Act yesterday, we are hopeful for what the future holds. Union members, community activists, and an outpouring of general public support made it clear during Saturday’s historic march that the people demand substantive action to respect women’s rights and ensure economic fairness and social equality for all.

The unofficial results of the override effort earned 23 votes, which was four short of the 27 needed for a successful override. The bill initially passed with 28 votes last year. All Democrats present as well as Republican Senators Diane Allen and Christopher Bateman voted to override. We thank these legislators for standing on the side of working families, and further thank the many prime sponsors of the Pay Equity Act in the Senate and Assembly. CLICK HERE for an unofficial tally of the results. (The results are unofficial since the bill was taken off the board so that the measure could be voted on again at some point in the future.)

We also recognize how important the support of our affiliates and community partners has been to bringing this issue to the forefront. We are confident that our continued efforts will ensure our victory and continued progress in the fight for workplace justice.

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