RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum Elected to DNC Executive Committee Eastern Region

Stuart_Appelbaum_Convention.jpgThe New Jersey State AFL-CIO congratulates our union brother and President of the Retail Wholesale & Department Store Union (RWDSU) Stuart Appelbaum on his election as a member of the DNC Executive Committee from the Eastern Region. President Appelbaum’s election to this prestigious position is a win for all working families who will be able to count on him to bring key labor issues to the forefront of our national Democratic Party.

Refocusing the Democratic Party’s priorities on creating jobs, investing in infrastructure, bringing jobs back home from overseas, promoting a living wage, updating our nation’s labor laws, and enforcing regulations on Wall Street are critical to rebuilding our middle class. These are among the many progressive principles that President Appelbaum will fight for as a member of the DNC Executive Committee.

President Appelbaum’s experience as a labor leader and his commitment to workers’ justice is exactly the type of perspective we need in the Democratic Party. We greatly appreciate the tireless efforts of President Appelbaum to amplify the voice of working families in our political process.

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